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KASK Innovation

The objective of the KASK Innovation project is to exploit the potential for innovation of the public health sector in the Kattegat/Skagerak area primarily through user-driven and employee-driven innovation. The project is based on a new platform for cooperation between Aalborg Sygehus (Denmark), Oslo University Hospital (Norway) and Sahlgrenska University Hospital (Sweden). The new platform has three key elements - all of which are  related to the establishment of a best practice for innovation:

1. Identification of critical success factors for innovation and definition of new metods for measuring innovation
     output and effect

2. Establishment of Clinics of Innovation to facilitate the conversion of ideas from research and medical practice
    into new services or products for the benefit of patients and society.

3. Development of methods to eliminate barrieres of innovation from within – for example by building and
    implementing new competence models.

The short term effects of KASK Innovation are related to increases in critical mass which will result in the generation of more user and employee-driven ideas and as well as increases in license agreements, IPR sales and establishment of innovative growth companies.

In the long term, KASK Innovation shall contribute to an increased cooperation between public institutions, knowledge institutions and the private sector in the region. The project will also facilitate the establishment of a cluster of health technology and service based companies as well as attract increased resources in terms of divisions of multi-national companies, scientists and venture capital. Finally, the project will also bring about improvements in the region’s public health sector.