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Making sure that the new is useful

This year, Norwegian hospitals are following the lead of those who have already implemented a new national system for assessing new medical technology and treatment procedures.

Most of us probably have some poor investments behind us. Do you have any unused apps on your cell phone, or is everything that you’ve ever downloaded equally useful? Tempting new offers can be difficult to resist, especially when you don’t know how to assess its total value.

Now, Norway has put focus on what the Danes have implemented – how can we figure out if what’s new actually has value to the hospital? Good evaluations of new solutions are a necessary part of the approval- and implementation process. New solutions have to be useful to someone – patients, employees, the hospital, society!
Here at the Clinic of Innovation, we have as a goal that all our innovation projects should follow such a template of evaluation. This way, decisions about implementing and sharing knowledge and results across health institutions nationally and internationally will be made easier.
– Kari K.

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Af Kari Kværner, 2012-02-15


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