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Denmark leads the way...

How do health care institutions contribute to makins sure that everything that is new comes to good use - regardless of where you live and which part of the health service you belong too? Denmark have "usefulness" on the agenda.

Have you been there? A demure country - with smiles, fun and humour. A Copenhagen full of hospitality. It´s good to be Norwegian in Denmark. A culture to learn from.

The Danes have more to offer. Now they are at the forefront of cost-effectiveness anlyses. The Danes have for a long time been successful at evalueting new treatment efforts and creating structured project reports through  health technology assessments. Now there is a mini version that can be used by hospitals: "Mini-HTA is a flexible tool that can be used by hospital and department leaders, when they are considering implementing a new medical technology. Mini-HTA is developed in a way that makes if fit into local regional budget - and planning processes. Mini-HTA can offer a contribution to decision making when needed."

We are pleased to notice that the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services and the Western Norway Regional Health Authority have approached this subject also in Norway. - Kari Kværner Idépoliklinikken, Oslo Norway

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Af Kari Jorunn Kværner, 2012-02-13


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