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How do we separate the wheat from the chaff?

The Clinic of Innovation focuses on making sure that new solutions benefit employees, patients, their families and the hospital at large.

We are now creating methods for cost-effectiveness analyses of projects that have a potential for making a difference. We wish to “separate the wheat from the chaff” with these methods instead of using “qualified hunches”.


These days, the Clinic of Innovation spends a lot of time at the Maternity Ward. We perform various measurements in relation to the pilot testing of a super absorbent birth sheet. Is the sheet as good as the entrepreneur Astrid Skreosen claims, and in which way – and for whom?
The new specially adapted birth sheet from ASAP Norway AS is supposed to absorb birth fluids. But does it work in practice? This is an example of the types of measuring we perform. The goal is that our methods will be able to give decision making support for the people who make the decision about whether the hospital is to invest in the solution or not. Or said differently, show if the new is useful!


Af Idepoliklinikken - Oslo universitetssykehus, 2012-01-24


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