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1-2-3 Serve!

Have you ever wondered how the hospital kitchen manage to serve all the patients hot food at the same time?
Oslo University Hospital consists of 4 hospitals with different kitchens. Department leader Vidar Arnesen and his co-workers quickly reacted upon the desire of employees and patients to increase flexibility in the serving of dinner…



The challenge was clear: How to improve quality and flexibility of hot servings at the hospital? They came up with a new concept, ”1-2-3 Serve!” Finished complete dinner dishes are produced in the main kitchen. Then these dishes are delivered to refrigerators in various departments. Now the patients can eat what they want – when they’re hungry. And the food is heated exactly when the patient desires it. Less food go to waste, and the food is safer and of better quality for the patient! In order to implement this improvement, the various kitchens are rebuilt according to demands for quality and hygiene, ensuring that all the kitchens have the same standard.

The Clinic of Innovation has recently received a new idea as a result of the implementation of ”1-2-3 Serve”. The nurses want to create a recycling station for the plastic plates that the new dinner dishes are wrapped in. We have sent this enquiry to the logistics department at the hospital, and these are discussing a solution together with innovative minds from the main kitchen!

See the digital story about "1-2-3 serve" :

Af Idepoliklinikken - Oslo universitetssykehus, 2012-01-24


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