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The Clinic of Innovation shares 5 tips for firms who want to be good at employee-driven innovation

  1. Leadership
  2. Information
  3. Cooperation
  4. Systematic systems for capturing ideas
  5. Having a lasting focus on employee-driven innovation in the whole organisation  ( 2010).
The Clinic of Innovation at Oslo university hospitals has use these 5 steps in the following way:
Leadership: Our innovation strategy is approved by hospital leadership, and we have our own director of innovation, Kari Kværner
Information: We are out in the hospital delivering leaflets to our users, as part of a bigger strategy to market innovation at our hospital.
Cooperation: We've got an abundance of contacts within and outside the health care sector, nation-wide and internationally.
Systematic systems for capturing ideas: Deliver your ideas and our advisors will get in touch.
A lasting focus on employee-driven innovation in the organisation: We are on the way to achieving this. With time and support from the top, we believe it is possible. We are now arranging weekly events where we talk to our employees and collect good ideas in our internet solution.

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