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The Clinic of Innovation got highlighted!

The Clinic of Innovation is proud to be highlighted as important contributors to research and innovation implementation on the homepage of The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services are about to publish a white paper on their National Healthplan; ”Future health care – safety for all. The following statement of state-of-the-art-challenge is posted: One important challenge is to ensure that the research results and innovative solutions are taken into use in the health care sector. Correspondingly, they should provide the foundation for a knowledge based and
forward-looking sector.
The Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services has emphasised the Clinic of Innovation in the following text: User-driven innovation at Oslo University Hospital Oslo University Hospital have created a tool for employees and users that allows everyone to send in good ideas for the development of the hospital, especially improvements of daily business and
various processes. Good ideas are developed in cooperation with Inven2.
You can find these highlights @:


Af , 2011-05-11


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