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A delightful reunion

This week, The Clinic of Innovation invited Idèklinikken to a meeting for the European project KASK innovation.


We started our meeting Tuesday afternoon, so we could be able to catch up - and we shared many good ideas! On Wednesday it was time to roll-up our sleeves and discuss the results so far, and our future after losing our third co-operation partner: Sahlgrenska.


It was a deilight to see you again Denmark! We look forward to seeing you again soon.

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Psst, we just had an interesting date we’d like to tell you about!

Recently merged, knowledge-based organization with 20 000 employees, public ownership, high productivity and activities at several locations - name?To us Oslo University Hospital was the definite answer - until we happily dated Statoil.                        

Although end-products are extremely different - in terms of innovative challenges, our companies have several similarities.As Statoil launched their innovation portal, ,we blog-invited to a brotherhood date. Across institutions, similarities and differences?

Energy in the air, talkativeness and laughter. Outcome? Shared challenges; creating a sustainable innovative culture requires smartness and continuous effort - and the significance of ensuring that innovations really meet user-needs. How do we implement changes without experiencing the "not invented here-syndrome"?
We see the need of our new alliance - to share challenges and gain knowledge to help identify innovations that are most beneficial to our end-users. To us that measures as patient satisfaction, quality of care and cost reduction.
Thanks Statoil, we welcome another date, and look forward to a date with our danish friends tomorrow!

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A refreshing (NEW) sight!

Different people can look at exactly the same thing and see completely different things. This is why we wish for our internet solution to be an innovation community where different people from different realms of the health care sector – workers, patients, relatives and medtech companies – can share their views by leaving direct and open comments on suggested challenges and ideas (open innovation). We aim to make sure that innovations in our district will benefit as many people as possible.

We are happy to launch our new identity, and invite our KASK friends to take a look at our refreshing site!

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Easter time!

Some of us likes to read crimebooks, The Clinic of Innovation on the other hand recommend:

"Collaboration and Co-Creation: New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation"                                                                                       by Gaura Bhalla


The Clinic of Innovation has found its way to the bookshelf. Collaboration and Co-Creation is about customer-centric methods of value creation. Listen, engage and respond are key key words for organizations  to systematically design and implement effective collaborative innovation programs. Are you ready for new platforms for thinking of and implementing marketing and innovation activities? 

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Hey Denmark, do you sometimes catch yourself daydreaming?

Well so do we! Check out our latest digital storytellings:


Best regards, The Clinic of Innovation. 


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Learning about hospital life

The Norwegian innovation clinic is staffed with mostly prior hosital workers - a nurse, a doctor, a blood bank worker, and a medtech worker. Maria Frøyland, the only one who does not posess such knowledge about the internal workings of the hospital, got offered a chance to spend a day at the orthopaedic department at Oslo University hospital - which she excitedly took advantage of:

"I decided to spend one day learning about hospital life by following hospital workers around as they performed all their daily routines. I talked to nurses, cleaning staff, doctors, patients and kitchen staff with the aim of understanding the nature of their work, their relationships and intercommunication, including the challenges they meet and the creative solutions they come up with to solve them. Suddenly I was in the middle of what I perceived as organised chaos of medical talk, doctors appearing and disappearing, alarms ringing from patient rooms, bed changes, patient treatment talk among nurses, changing of time tables, moving of patients and the use of different colours on the overview board to signify various classes of fractures and needed treatments.

It was a wonderfully beneficial experience to witness a day in your life at Oslo University Hospital. I feel honored to work in a clinic that provides a service that aims to support these workers in their attempts to provide excellent patient care." - Maria Frøyland.

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Those were the days…

Here's another project we'd like to share with our Danish KASK partners:

Dementia – the disease of forgetting the past. How do we understand communicative needs?

Painted footsteps - a visual wake-up call. And - a necessity for my aunt, who otherwise would have lost her way to the Memory Clinic of our hospital´s geriatric department. 

The gradual loss of my aunt as Alzheimer slowly caught her. Devastating. Years after her death, I still find myself wonder if I could have contributed more. Practicalities to help her master activities of daily living - or relational guidance as her communicative abilities faded out?

We´re proud to be associated with Alma´s house, an innovation project exploring how smart house technology, a simulation apartment included, may improve quality of life for dementia patients and their dear ones. The Oslo project recently received regional funding. At the Clinic of Innovation we look forward to contribute - and are optimistic to how a holistic approach may identify critical communicative factors to dementia patients.

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How to engage users in idea creation?

Three of the advisors at the Norwegian Clinic of Innovation spent a day in Lillehammer brushing up their knowledge on digital storytelling. Stories presented in short videos by different countries and industries gave us inspiration and boosted our creativity with regards to creating stories for public consumption. Our digital stories is our attempt to engage health care workers, patients, relatives and society in idea creation and hence create a culture for innovation within health care.

One of our advisors is currently creating a small informative video for a project in Oslo University Hospital, so that the owners of the project can communicate the success story to users in an effortless manner that is sure to impact listeners. This is a service we’d like to offer other projects in the future.


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Another example of a groundbreaking process-innovation

Moving equipment, not patients.

After years of watching nursing home patients being transported all the way to our hospital for a single chest X-ray, Frode Lærum asked himself: why not reverse the procedure - and move the X-ray to the patient instead? Characteristic of his personality, Frode immediately set his idea to action - and a mobile X-ray equipment unit was developed. A wonderful example of a process innovation. The fact that it took years for him to succeed due to fee-for-service issues, is another story... 

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The innovation strategy in English!

The innovation strategy of the Norwegian Clinic of Innovation is now translated into English. This means that it is possible for all our international friends and cooperation partners to get a feel for what our goals are for the future of our hospital.

For those of you who in KASK Innovation and others who are interested in reading it in English:

Get in touch with us and we’ll send it right over!


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