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Sosiale medier

Idepoliklinikken og KASK Innovation profileres både på facebook og i bloggen til Idepoliklinikken.

Innovasjonsdirektør, Oslo Universitetssygehus, Kari Kværner skriver ofte i bloggen, og her er en smakebit fra et av hennes innlegg: “Innovation is about seeing the possibilities, taking risks and being able to challenge yourself. With a mean age well above the 50s among ours, we decided to perform an internal age reduction procedure. Sum score of our new innovation staff - Maria and Caroline, both in their early 20s – supplement us with all we need: innovation skills, entrepreneurial experience, health care education, nursing experience and a masters degree at BI Norway School of Management. The first thing we’ve done is to download them with chores and unsolved problems. We are particularly interested in how they will build an innovation culture to provide future generations with innovation skills to a greater degree than ever.” ( (8.12.2010))

Besøk gjerne bloggen og bli venn med oss på facebook for å få utfyllende informasjon om våre innovative tanker.

Lagt på nettet 13. december 2010 af Oslo Universitetssygehus.